Spin Physics Detector project at JINR

Экспериментальный семинар Spin Physics Detector project at JINR
А.Гуськов, д.-ф.-м. н., ОИЯИ, начальник Отдела встречных пучков Лаборатории ядерных проблем, руководитель проекта SPD.
2021-11-08 16:00
Дистанционный семинар
Запись семнара:

       The Spin Physics Detector at the NICA collider (JINR, Dubna), under construction, is a universal facility to investigate the spin structure of the proton and deuteron and other spin-related phenomena with polarized proton and deuteron beams at a collision energy up to 27 GeV. Comprehensive study of the unpolarized and polarized gluon content of the nucleon at large x using different complementary probes such as: charmonia, open charm, and prompt photon production processes is the central point of the SPD physics program. In the polarized proton-proton collisions, the SPD experiment at NICA will cover the kinematic gap between the low-energy measurements at ANKE-COSY and SATURNE and the high-energy measurements at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, as well as at the planned LHC fixed-target experiments. The possibility for NICA to operate with polarized deuteron beams at such energies is unique.
The SPD experimental setup is planned as a multipurpose universal 4π detector with advanced tracking and particle identification capabilities, electromagnetic calorimeter and muon (range) system. To minimize possible systematic effects, SPD will be equipped with a triggerless data acquisition system. The spin physics program at SPD is expected to start after the year 2025 and to extend for about 10 years.

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