Design and R&D of EAST and CFETR Divertor

Плазменный семинар Design and R&D of EAST and CFETR Divertor
Tiejun Xu, Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Science (CASIPP), Hefei
2019-10-04 14:30
Optimized upper tungsten divertor had been installed in EAST vacuum. The key point of structure design and manufacture process is introduced.

The experience of upper divertor and further R&D will help the lower tungsten divertor of EAST and CFETR divertor.

Based on the conventional ITER-like divertor geometry released by physics group, the design of water-cooled CFETR divertor engineering is carried out. The preliminary engineering design of water-cooled divertor is completed, and the design of each component of the water-cooled divertor system is described in detail.

The design and analysis of CFETR water-cooled divertor mainly includes thermo-hydraulic analysis and mechanical analysis. The results of engineering simulation and structural optimization are given, which can provide reference for engineering design and optimization